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Angela K. Pearson is an American author of an inspirational children’s book; I Am Not Contagious. This well-written book is based on true events which navigate a universal topic of her unvaccinated child and how he believes New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and society view him.
Angela grew up poor from a small town in North Carolina. Most of the food she and her family ate came from the church or food banks. She became a mom in 1996 with her first son which she is now convinced he had a vaccine reaction that led him to be hospitalized. She moved to upstate New York in 2000 while pregnant with her daughter when she began her holistic journey. The processed unhealthy diet upon which she was raised, served as a catalyst for her keen interest in the natural benefits of consuming wholesome foods. Since that time, her life has consisted of organic rich foods, free of chemicals or anything artificial. This commitment was further amplified by her staunch belief in medical freedom.
Angela was the first in her family to go to college and in 2016 she finished with a Bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and community health. During this same year her oldest son was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. Angela’s father had the same auto-immune disease and was sadly taken in 2008.
On June 13, 2019, the New York legislature passed a new bill into law removing religious exemptions from parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. This repeal affected her youngest son, Grayson. Although, Grayson is healthy and never having any medical issues, he is amongst the 26,000 other children that are no longer allowed to attend public or private schools in New York. Seeing no alternative, Angela left her corporate job in order to homeschool her son, Grayson.
Today, Angela is living out her purpose as she continues to fight for medical freedom. She is going against the narrative and is making a strong political statement for the unvaccinated community by writing a children’s book to speak on this topic. She is currently in the health and wellness industry and works remotely. She provides life-changing opportunities to others who want to live a healthy life-style by teaching them how to create a passive income.
I Am Not Contagious is written from the perspective of her six-year-old son with a message that she hopes touches the hearts of other parents who hold the same immeasurable love for their children, despite the opinions and pressures of society whose beliefs may differ. She hopes this story transforms contempt into an understanding and compassion to unite, rather than divide.

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